READING, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 01: A general view inside the former Reading prison building on September 1, 2016 in Reading, England. The former Reading Prison has opened to the public for the first time, inviting artists and writers in to take part in a new project by Artangel, with works by leading artists including Marlene Dumas, Robert Gober, Nan Goldin, Steve McQueen, and Ai Weiwei. The exhibition opens to the public from September 4, 2016. Included in the exhibit is former inmate Oscar Wildes original wooden cell door, which is on display in the prison chapel. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

In a horrific attack at the Corocan State Prison Luis Romero was apparently beheaded at the hands of his cellmate Jamie Osuna. Somehow the guards didn’t notice that the inmate was beheaded in his cell. The attack took place in March of 2019. According to a new report, the prison guards making their rounds reported that both men were alive shortly after the attack allegedly took place. The family of the victim has filed a lawsuit and investigations are ongoing into how and why this happened.

The report blames the Department of Corrections for conducting a shoddy investigation and delaying disciplinary action against the guards. It is unknown. The family suggests that the cell bars covered by a white sheet and the guards did not check behind the sheet when making their rounds. The family is also questioning why the pair were sharing a cell. Osuna was a convicted killer and “satanist”. He also had a history of attacking his cellmates.

A judge has ruled that Osuna is not competent to stand trial for Romero‚Äôs death. Can you believe that the guards didn’t notice an inmate was beheaded in his cell?

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