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Lots of people have been showing off their vaccine cards and arms with Band-Aids on social media, but some people are taking it to the next level. Now folks are making a permanent announcement that they’re ready for hot vax summer by getting COVID vaccine tattoos to celebrate and commemorate getting their shot.

People are showing the world they’re vaxxed with designs including bandages over the spot on their arm where they got jabbed or the date they were vaccinated and the name of the brand. Someone even got their entire vaccine card inked on their arm. Jeff Walker, the San Diego artist behind that vaccine card tattoo, says he thought it was pretty funny when the client asked for it. “I think getting a tattoo like that is a bit extreme,” he says, “unless your goal is to get free drinks at the bar for the next few weeks, showing other patrons your new ink.”

Dr. Michael Richardson has been on the frontlines of COVID and he says he’s delighted folks are using tattoos to memorialize their vaccines. He says getting the shot is “certainly a cause for celebration as it’s a huge step forward in helping us move beyond the pandemic,” and jokes “I think I’ll need to consider prescribing tattoos now for my patients who finished getting vaccinated.” But he wouldn’t recommend getting your vaccine card tattooed on your body since having that kind of personal information visible could put you at risk for identity theft.