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Can you believe it’s finally almost the end of the school year? It’s been a year like no other, especially for teachers. And now that it’s wrapping up, most parents appreciate their kids’ teachers more than ever before. End-of-the-year presents are always thoughtful, but this year? We really want to show our gratitude for everything they do, so what should we get them? Here’s what some teachers say are their all-time favorite gifts they’ve ever received.

  • “I received a copy of ‘Dear Teacher, A Celebration of People Who Inspire Us.’ A parent had compiled letters from my students of their favorite part of fourth grade and pasted them into the book along with their pictures. It was amazing.”
  • “A flower pot with their child’s handprints all around it, complete with a potted flower.”
  • “A thoughtful note means so, so much. One year, a mom made a sign for my classroom door and had all the kids sign it. I love hanging it every year and thinking about how old they are now.”
  • “A note that says what they appreciated means a lot! Gifts aren’t really needed.”
  • “A book donated to the class library from the student.”
  • “A short note or email letting me know I have helped a student means the world. I save them to read on bad days.”
  • “Gift cards to common places like Target, Amazon, Starbucks.”
  • “A genuine note with details of what they are thanking the teacher for. Lets us know they are paying attention to what we do for their kids.”
  • “If you really want to show appreciation, write to our administration about what we have done right this year. Ask them to put the letter in the teacher’s permanent record or file.”
  • “One year, a mom sent me Grey Goose Vodka! It was discreetly given in a brown paper bag. The mother took the time to find out which liquor I would like. She was a supportive parent and I definitely appreciated the gesture.”

Source: Huff Post