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According to the CDC, half of adults in the U.S. are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus – that works out to over 129-million adults. It’s a major milestone in the fight against the pandemic, which has claimed over 590-thousand lives in the U.S.

In all, about 39-percent of the total population has been fully vaccinated, with nearly half having at least one dose. As part of that, top White House COVID adviser Andy Slavitt is praising the vaccine lottery programs – such as the Vax-a-Million lottery in Ohio. He opened a briefing saying that such programs are “not frivolous,” as long as they prompt more shots in arms.

Slavitt called vaccinations patriotic and said they offer a “chance to live.” He warned the coronavirus will “look for you” if you remain un-vaccinated. Slavitt also addressed vaccine skepticism. He said, “All concerns are reasonable, but do yourself a favor: don’t let some guy on Facebook answer your questions.”

  • Meantime, speculation continues to swirl around whether the coronavirus came from animals or a laboratory mishap in Wuhan, China. Slavitt said global health investigators need to get answers and he called for full transparency from China.
  • ONE MORE THING! People living or working overseas are being allowed to return to the U.S. on expired passports. The State Department updated its website, saying the change is good through the end of the year in light of the pandemic. There are a few rules, however: travelers must be a citizen, have a direct flight, and a passport that was valid for ten years. Officials still urge against visiting about 80-percent of the world’s countries due to risk from coronavirus.

Source: CNBC