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My wife and I don’t eat steak often, but when we do we slightly season it with some salt and pepper, maybe a little a garlic salt and some some Worcestershire sauce.  Once our charcoal grill has heated up to the proper-ish temperature, we throw the steaks on.  We like ours medium rare so we try to really only cook each side for four minutes depending on the cut.  We don’t use steak sauce but will use a vinaigrette or ranch dressing if it’s a steak salad.  Don’t get me started on using ketchup to dip a steak in.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Texas Motor Speedway BBQ

According to SWNS Digital, half of people are judgy of how other people eat their steak.  Which means you might have been judging me during that entire first paragraph of how I like a steak.  The survey showed that medium and medium rare tied for the most popular way to cook a steak.  A rare steak came in third, followed by medium-well and then well-done came in last.  I call that the ketchup steak.

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