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In this photo illustration, The Twitter logo is displayed on a mobile device as the company announced it's initial public offering and debut on the New York Stock Exchange on November 7, 2013 in London, England. Twitter went public on the NYSE opening at USD 26 per share, valuing the company's worth at an estimated USD 18 billion.

This could be Boaty McBoatface all over again.

You may remember a few years back when Britain decided to let people vote for the name of a new ship and it ended up being called Boaty McBoatface? Seattle didn’t learn that lesson.

The city opened up voting yesterday to a pol where you can name a street sweeper. The names to pick from are classic!

  • Sir Sweeps-a-Lot
  • Legion of Broom
  • Sweeping Beauty
  • Brushing with Destiny
  • Sweepless in Seattle
  • Sweepy McSweepface
  • Broomba
  • Sweep Caroline

Source: Seattle Twitter