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Obviously, it’s easy to love sleeping with your furry family members. But, some dog and cat owners often wonder if it is safe to sleep with their pets.

Could Your Pet Be Carrying Parasites?

There has been much research suggesting that dogs and cats could carry parasites or other disease-carrying insects to the bed. Professor James Logan says, “There’s no doubt that dogs can carry bacteria and parasites that could do us some harm, but generally I think the risk is very low. You could argue that being exposed to some of these organisms might actually do you some good…people who have grown up with pets and other animals tend to have fewer allergies.”

Is There a Downside to Spoiling Your Pet By Letting Them Sleep With You?

Another concern for dog and cat owners is if they are ‘spoiling’ their pet when they allow them to sleep in the bed. Dr. Jess French suggests, “Dogs that get used to sleeping with you can become stressed when you’re away, so there is an argument that having their own safe space is the better approach.”

Sleeping With Pets Is Okay If You Don’t Have Children

Most doctors suggest sleeping with their pets if they do not have children. The possessive tendency can work to the pet owner’s disadvantage if children are in the bed as well. According to a recent survey, 50% of pet owners are willing to take on the risk of sleeping with their pets because it eases their anxiety and keeps away loneliness.

Do you sleep with your pet or does your pet have their own space to sleep?

Source: TheGuardian.com

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