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A TikToker traveled halfway around the world to remove a symbol of love she’d left there with her now ex. Kassie Yeung posted a video about her nearly 6-thousand mile trip to Seoul, South Korea, where she cut off an old love lock that she and her ex attached to a popular tourist attraction.

The clip shows the 23-year-old on the flight from Los Angeles, then leaving the airport and going to the store to buy a pair of wire cutters. She then takes a bus to the Namsan Tower, where fences are overflowing with colorful locks. According to South Korea’s government website, people visit the site to leave locks on the fence to symbolize their love. Yeung says she searched through hundreds of locks for about 30 minutes before finding the one she left and cutting it off.

She admits she went back to remove the lockout of “pettiness,” but she didn’t actually fly all the way to South Korea just to be petty. Yeung was visiting Seoul to pursue a career as a backup dancer and decided to take the detour and cut the lock off while planning her trip. She explains that her goal was to make a relatable video, “It’s relevant in the sense that everyone goes through relationships, breakups and possibly having love locks with ex-lovers.” And people seem to like it, the video has almost 5-million views and followers are commenting to applaud her commitment to the task.

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