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SAUSALITO, CA - JUNE 20: The Transamerica Pyramid building is seen through the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge June 20, 2007 as seen from Sausalito, California. Pacific Gas and Electric has launched an estimated $1.5 million research program to study the possibility of submerging turbines under the water to gather energy from tidal flows. A previous study conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute in 2006 came to conclude that the tides that pass under the iconic Golden Gate bridge are the best on the West Coast of the U.S. to generate power. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Ever since the Golden Gate Bridge got a retrofit of a sidewalk safety rail last year, the structure has been humming.

The hum was first reported publicly on Saturday and commuters have gotten recordings of the hum. It’s believed the narrower walkway salts, though safer, make noise when the wind whips up.

The noise can be heard as far away as 10 miles from the span. Some people are getting used to it and adding the sound to their meditation rituals. That may not last for long, though, since engineers are working with a wind tunnel to find a fix for the Golden Gate hum.

Source: NBC Washington DC