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Did you know that in the USA, there are more Chinese Restaurants than all the McDonalds, KFC, Burger Kings and Wendy’s combined? That’s a whole lot of Chinese food! Did you know that a million seconds equals 11 ½ days and that 1 billion seconds equals more than 31 years? Did you know that a sloth takes 2 weeks to digest food it has eaten? In 2001, a 7-foot bull shark bit off a boy’s arm, and his Uncle saved the boy by diving into the water after the shark, wrestled it back to shore where it was shot, retrieved the boys arm and it was sewn back on at a local hospital. WOW!

Did you know that there are more English-speaking people in China than there are in the United States?
Did you know that it takes the average person 7 minutes to fall asleep?
Did you know that when you talk, you spread about 2.5 microscopic saliva droplets per word? Yuck!
Did you know that our ears and nose never stop growing? Oh, no!
Did you know that 25% of bottled water (from the US at least) comes from the tap? DANG!
Did you know that every kind of milk is breast milk? Really?
These are all interesting fun facts! To read more, click here.

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