Ever find yourself wandering online and stumbling upon a terrifying story? The internet has some crazy things on it, including two of these scary websites you probably don’t want to visit. Please use caution, these websites may be disturbing to some individuals, and discretion is advised.

Plane crashes happen all over the world but only so many are covered in the news and on TV. The first website is PlaneCrashInfo.com. This website is beyond frightening. It not only tells you about all the recent and past plane crash accidents, but you can listen to the last words of pilots and passengers. You can read statistics on fatal plane crashes and see all the famous people who have died in aviation accidents.

Taking a look at this website the images and audio are what got me. They sent chills up my spine and there were crashes as recent as 2019 that I probably should have avoided seeing. I already had a big fear of flying (I pray every time) but now I’m on a whole new level of anxiety.

The second website is DeathDate.Info. If you’ve ever wondered about the day you “might” die this website can tell you in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is enter your name, age, date of birth, and then answer a few stimulant questions before you get your result. The website generates three symbols, called The Symbols of Death. These are related to your birth date and the predicted death date. They can have a direct connection with the cause of death. My symbols were disease, fire, and accident.¬†According to my results, I only have 27 years left so I better make the most out of it.

Alexis Zarycki is your average girl with the hopes of leaving an everlasting impact on the world. Follow her on Instagram @official_lexpaige