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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Love was literally in the air during a recent Jetstar flight in Australia. A passenger proposed to his partner while en route to Sydney and the cabin crew helped him pull off the ultimate surprise. “This happened last night on one of our flights, with a little help from our crew,” the airline posted with the video on Instagram.

The clip begins with Ngarino telling the camera, “She has no idea,” just as a ‘special announcement” is heard asking his girlfriend, Jessica, to please stand up. He makes his way down the aisle of the plane to her seat and she is still clueless … until he gets down on one knee. Jessica quickly realizes what’s happening and the happy tears start flowing.

We can’t hear what Ngarino says to her, but then he stands up and triumphantly announces to their fellow passengers, “She said yes!” The newly engaged Jessica also took to Instagram to share her happy news and show off her bling. Her post explains that their relationship started off long distance and the couple spent two-and-a-half years flying back and forth to see each other, writing that it “brought us together to this moment.” The bride-to-be also thanks Jetstar for their help pulling off “the most amazing proposal, so thoughtful & magical.”

Source: Yahoo