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There are more than 16 million women and girls currently smoke in the United States, and over 200,000 women die annually due to smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke. If you were never introduced to cigarettes, good for you, but there’s some initiatives targeting women and young girls right now. Nothing new under the sun because these aggressive marketing campaigns have been going on for decades. I’ve written about tobacco’s impact on their health when sharing about the launch of Tobacco-Free Kids campaign, even interviewed a few experts about it. The tobacco companies must put some strong chemicals in cigarettes, because it’s extremely hard to quit for good unless you have the willpower of an elephant.

Secondhand smoke can take a toll on your as well, even affecting a baby’s health before and after birth. For as long as I’ve been on planet earth, smoking has been the primary cause of deadly and debilitating chronic diseases like cancer, but some non-smokers get lung cancer, which makes me think twice about how they’re contracting it. Some other side effects are heart disease and strokes. The biggest trend happening right now are teens using e-cigarettes. The numbers are astronomical regarding one in five girls in high school puff on e-cigarettes. Learn more at: Tobacco Free Kids.

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