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One of my favorite things about Tik Tok is that recipes go viral and they give me something to try on the weekends! The last recipe I tried on Tik Tok was the “viral pasta,” and after putting my own little spin on it, I would 11/10 recommend it to anyone! When I saw this brunch recipe…I knew I had to try it.


So this past weekend I decided to try it. Like I did with the pasta though, I tried to add my own little “healthier” spin to it. I used Dave’s Killer Bread English muffins. These seem to have better macros than other breads. Then I put some mozzarella cheese on the English muffin and broiled it in the oven for 5ish minutes. I cooked my eggs in pesto instead of olive oil, made some bacon…and wa la, I put it all together and served it with some fruit. Super easy meal, super delicious meal. Try it!