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Summer is almost here and some Aldi shoppers have come up with a fun way to cool off and catch a buzz in the heat. In The Aldi Nerd Facebook group, which has close to 1.5-million members, fans of the supermarket chain have been sharing photos of their creations – “adult Capri Suns.” But these are strictly for the grown-ups since they’re made with 32-ounce bags of frozen fruit and bottles of Aldi’s fruity wines.

Credit for inventing the boozy concoction goes to group member Tammy Hurt, who says seeing Aldi’s giant frozen fruit bags gave her the idea. Her favorite combo is mixed berries and Aldi’s margarita mix, but she adds that coconut wine and pineapple give that “summer beach vibe.” Others have tried hard seltzer lemonade instead of wine and some opt for a splash of vodka in theirs.

Mandy Allen and her sister, Melissa Mills, tried the pouches out for a recent backyard BBQ. “We legitimately pulled the fruit bags out of the freezer, opened the resealable package, dumped in an entire bottle of wine, and resealed them,” Allen explains. The sisters add that if you close your eyes and take a sip, you can practically “smell the beach.”

Source: Today