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It’s no secret that as we open up more and more and mask mandates are lifted, we’re going to get LIT.  I personally can’t wait to get back to hanging out at bars and clubs, breweries and seeing live sporting events again.  My wife and I are going to be fully vaccinated in time for a family reunion/lake trip in June which is going to feel amazing compared to last year.  We’re also figuring out how many live shows and festivals we can hit before November.  This is how we really plan on treating ourselves and you should to!  Need a reason to treat yourself?  Here are 10 according to SWNS Digital.

Coachella Production Teams Are Now Building Coronavirus Triage Tents

  1. When you’re on vacation.
  2. Birthdays.
  3. when you’re feeling sad.
  4. When you’re sick.
  5. You haven’t treated yourself in a while.
  6. You completed a goal.
  7. When it’s a nice day.
  8. You’re feeling tired.
  9. When you’ve been working hard.
  10. ANY holiday.

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