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During the pandemic, people were adopting dogs left and right.  Workplaces are recalling their remote workers and things moving toward being normal, the reality of pet ownership is harsh. Sadly we are seeing stories of people are returning their pandemic pups and fosters are desperately needed. If you’re interested in becoming a foster, contact North Meck Animal Rescue or CMPD Animal Care and Control.

Here’s what to know:

  • The last year has not only been stressful for you, but your dog.
  • Socialization hasn’t happened like it normally would for your pup.
  • Behavior issues not uncommon.
  • Look into a good trainer
  • Anticipate separation anxiety and plan for it
  • Have playtime or a good walk before or after work
  • Rescues can help if you are financially strapped
  • If you have to give up your doggo, take it to a safe rescue or shelter center

Source: Huffington Post