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Like a lot of people, my favorite show is The Office.  In fact, right now my streaming universe and cable universe are running parallel.  Last Monday after work I caught the episode on cable where it opens with Kevin dropping his chili.  About an hour later my wife and I decided to stream a couple of episodes while eating dinner.  Sure enough, the first episode that came up opened with Kevin dropping his chili.  This seen makes me cry-laugh every single time.  The entire scene where Jim’s “frazzled” because Pam won’t go to the hospital to start delivering their baby also gets me every time as well.  Turns out, if whatever you’re re-watching helps you feel stress-free then then you should be watching it as often as you want!  Sort of.

NBC's "The Office" Series Finale Wrap Party

According to a BBC report, we LOVE re-watching shows because we like familiarity, comfort and anything that helps us feel stress-free.  We were doing a lot of this during the rough times of the pandemic because familiar shows and sitcoms brought us a sense of normalcy, even if it came 30 minutes at a time.  While this is a way to reduce stress, we shouldn’t rely on this to improve our mental health.  It’s best we do this in moderation instead of sitting around all day watching TV.  Every now and then we should still go outside and play.  Shout out to Mom.  Get the full story here!