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Heiress Patricia Cottingham, daughter of racehorse owner Vera Lilley and Patrick Oswald face the cameras after their wedding ceremony at St Margaret's, Westminster. (Photo by Douglas Miller/Getty Images)

Wedding fashions don’t change much from season to season, after all, white wedding dresses are still the standard. As many couples had to scale down their ceremonies over the last year, Zoom weddings and micro weddings were popular and more brides opted for non-traditional attires, like jumpsuits and two-piece sets. So what will be trendy for weddings in the coming year? Lyst’s 2021 Wedding Report is here to tell us.

They predict this year will “bring the party back” for newlyweds and their guests and that brides will be opting for bold and contemporary pieces when they say “I do.” According to Lyst, we’ll be seeing accessories including rhinestone face masks, pearl necklaces and even pearl-embellished face masks. As for what the brides will be wearing to walk down the aisle? The platform sees a lot of inspiration coming from a Netflix show people couldn’t get enough of this year – “Bridgerton.”

For this hot bride summer, Lyst says “Bridgerton”-inspired corset gowns and empire waist dresses will be big. And they expect they’ll be wearing long, white gloves to match. Nap dresses also make the trends list, as does a crystal-embellished headpiece and a feather-trimmed tulle veil. They even include a men’s white pleated skirt, for “bold grooms.” So maybe wedding fashions are changing this year!