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I remember that feeling of going to the movie rental store and renting movies.  In the early 90s there was a store in Greenville called PHARMORE.  It was basically a store where you could get anything and rent movies.  My parents were always strict on making sure the movies and video games were returned on time.  Looking back, they made it seem like they’d have to take out a second mortgage on their house if we didn’t have the rentals back my 4:00 PM the following Sunday.  I think once we were a day late because it was a three day weekend.  Needless to say, we were always pretty punctual when it came to returning rentals on time.  The same cannot be said for a woman in Oklahoma who has an outstanding late charge of 20+ years!

According to FOX 25 in Oklahoma City, one woman was hit with such an outstanding late charge from a movie rental back in 1999, that she received a felony charge.  It turns out, the guy she was married to at the time had two young kids.  The movie that they rented that was never returned was “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”  The charge has been dropped but to see “felony embezzlement” on your record over a movie rental has to be hilarious!  Which reminds me, did I ever return The Mighty Ducks 2?  Get this full story and interview here!