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Chores have been in my life since I was eight years-old.  It started with cutting the grass in our backyard, making my bed and keeping my room clean.  As an incentive I got a small allowance and was aloud to purchase once thing every couple of months, while also saving some of that money.  Fast forward to today and chores are much different.  Every day my wife and I have to keep a two-story, three bedroom/bathroom house clean and honestly, the chores never stop.  I’m not even counting washing the dishes, doing the laundry and cleaning out two litter boxes.  Eventually we’ll have kids which just creates even more chores but health-wise, this may not be a bad thing.  According to Medical Xpress, chores make your brain bigger and stronger.

  The researches basically found out that the more chores or housework we do, the more physically fit our brains become.  Not only is this extremely important for the present, but keeping your brain strong also helps with avoiding dementia as you get older.  The study also says that because chores are considered an aerobic workout, it’s really great for your heart which helps blood flow up to your brain.  Basically the more chores you do, the healthier you can make your brain!  With that said, I might actually try mopping and ironing this weekend.  Get the full story here!

Side thought:  I have suspicions my wife planted this article.