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The pandemic seems to have been great for anyone in the moving business. Even with everything going on, more than seven million households moved to a different county last year. That’s nearly half a million more than in 2019. Here’s where everyone is moving from.

  • New York City. For every three households that moved out of New York County, only one moved in to replace it. New York City dwellers fled to nearby suburbs and also to Florida. It was the same story for their neighbors in New Jersey.
  • Chicago And Minneapolis. In what is sure to be an epic clash of accents, people from Chicago and Minneapolis moved South to Florida, Texas and Arizona mostly. And they weren’t the only ones. Overall, the South saw the biggest gains in newcomers by far last year.
  • San Francisco and Los Angeles. The high costs and high taxes in California seem to be driving people out of the state. The net loss of households from San Francisco County doubled last year and rose 58% in Los Angeles County. The biggest chunk moved West to live in the mountain states or the Pacific Northwest. Many from L.A. also moved to Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Check out the Wall Street Journal’s interactive map to see the stats from your county HERE.