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Photo by cottonbro 4th of July from Pexels

Signs that Summer is coming soon. Another season change is right around the corner and there is a large group of people that consider summer their favorite one of all. But what officially marks the start of summer to you? Yes, the official first day of summer is all dependent on the summer solstice, but there are different signs that people look for that signifies summer is truly here. Perhaps it’s a familiar smell in the air that screams summer to you. Fresh cut grass, the smell of your neighbor’s backyard BBQ, or the simple smell of SPF can instantly transport you to a hot summer day in your mind.

Maybe it’s a familiar sound. The noise of children playing and having fun outdoors, the song of crickets in the evening or the loud bang of fireworks are all synonymous with a summer day. Or perhaps you have a favorite summer playlist that you listen to that takes you back to summertime dreams. Or is the taste of summer foods that does it for you? The crunch of a cold piece of watermelon, the sweet butter dripping off a fresh ear of corn or the pleasure of sipping a large sweet tea with lemon.
Regardless of what signs you see that tell you the summer is near, there is a spirit in the air of fun. Be sure to look for the little things that make summer special and remember to live in the moment!

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