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Americans seem to be excited about the return of vacations this summer, and many won’t be satisfied with the same old, same old this year.

A new survey finds:

  • 60% of Americans say they are their absolute happiest when on vacation.
  • When it comes to this year’s summer vacation, 59% want to try something for the very first time.
  • New activities folks want to try include:
    • Trying different foods
    • Going bungie jumping
    • Camping
    • “A cross country road trip to see my bestie”
  • 17% are hoping to see a new state or city this summer.
  • 39% say it’s a must that they see their friends and family.
  • Trying something new on summer vacation is so important to some that two-thirds of people have actually created a summer bucket list.
  • Activities on that list include:
    • Camping (47%)
    • Waterskiing (44%)
    • Wakeboarding (43%)
    • Surfing (41%)
    • Hiking (41%)
    • Skydiving (36%)
    • Fishing (35%)
    • Mountain climbing (34%)
    • Sunbathing (31%)
    • Going to a national park/monument (30%)

Source: SWNS Digital