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Millions of Americans are now partly, or fully vaccinated to protect themselves against the COVID 19 virus, but now it might be a requirement at some Universities too.

Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte announced that any students returning for the Fall semester will have to be vaccinated to step foot on campus.

JWU Charlotte Campus President, Cheryl Richards, Ph.D. says,

“Adding the COVID-19 vaccination to our student immunization requirements will aid our efforts to provide a safer and more robust college experience for our entire JWU community,” 

Special consideration will reportedly be given to students who ask for an exemption from the vaccine due to medical, religious, or other reasons.

The University plans to have full operations up and running in the Fall on campus, and they are hoping this will help.

I bet this will become the norm with state universities as we approach the Fall semester. It makes sense too, since there is such a large population of people living in such confined area. I know there will be people who adamantly refuse to get the vaccine. Luckily for those people, it seems there is a exemption option for them. All I know is that if I were paying that much to go to school, I would want the full amenities and opportunities, so I wouldn’t mind the requirement if it meant I had that access.

What do you think?