Man Holds on for his Life as Glass Bottomed Bridge Shatters

A man was left dangling 330 feet in the air after a glass-bottomed bridge in China shattered over the weekend. The incident occurred on Pivan Mountain, which features the country’s longest glass bridge.

Engineers are blaming 90-miles-per-hour winds for the near-tragedy, which left one unidentified man hanging from a support beam near the bridge’s halfway point, authorities say. Fortunately, onsite staffers were able to help get the man to safety. He was taken to a local hospital for observation but is reportedly in stable condition both emotionally and physically.

China is home to about 2,300 glass-bottomed bridges — and several glass sidewalks and slides. These attractions are part of China’s growing tourist market.

There will be an investigation into the incident to hopefully prevent other similar events.

When you visit an attraction like a glass-bottomed bridge, do you tell yourself, “If this wasn’t safe, they wouldn’t let people walk on it?” Might want to rethink that advice now.

Have you ever had something go terribly wrong when visiting a tourist attraction?

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