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Have you ever heard of Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS)? It’s a very rare condition that has affected nearly 100 people since its discovery in 1907. TikToker @angie.mcyen (spelled An Gie on Instagram) developed the condition after having a tonsillectomy. An Gie woke up with a full-blown Irish accent despite her Australian roots. She said she has never even been to Ireland before and doesn’t know anyone from there.

FAS is a very real and mysterious neurological response to some surgeries. An Gie is documenting her recovery on TikTok and trying out her new accent in various scenarios.

Here’s the first video in her series of Irish accent videos:

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Here’s the 2nd video:

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Check out her TikTok page for more: @angie.mcyen.

If you could wake up with a different accent, which accent would you want? I would want Captain Jack Sparrow’s accent from Pirates of the Caribbean, savvy?

Source: Pedestrian.TV

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