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This is nuts! A Chinese man, only identified by his surname Xie,” has been arrested for selling his two-year-old son to a childless couple for $25k, then using the money to flash to his friends and take his girlfriend on vacation.

According to reports, Xie won custody of the boy in court, then left him with his uncle Lin, Xie’s brother, while he traveled for work. When he returned, he picked the boy up, saying his mother wanted to see him. Lin had grown attached, and when Xie wouldn’t tell him where the boy was after two weeks, Lin called the cops.

After investigating, police discovered the boy had been sold to a childless couple for $25k. Xie had flashed the money around to friends, then used it to take his girlfriend traveling. The most twisted part of all of this? It’s being reported that this isn’t the first child Xie has given away or sold…it’s not even the second. Chinese media says Xie previously gave away two of his daughters from a previous marriage because he was in financial trouble.

The big question for many…if that’s true, how did he win custody at all? At least there’s good news: the toddler has been left in his uncle’s care while the investigation continues.

Source: Daily Mail