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I recently had a little too much tequila and woke up the next morning feeling like compete garbage.  This was on a work day too.  Normally my wife and I kind of plan what our hangover remedy’s going to be the next morning because it’s usually after a small weekend gathering with friends at a house or restaurant downtown.  That remedy usually includes leftover pizza, a breakfast wrap, or hair of the dog.  When I was of younger drinking age a trip to IHOP, Denny’s or the Waffle House after a night of drinking everything behind the bar would always lessen the impact of the next morning.  Denny’s was my favorite late night spot to get food because of the Moons Over My-Hammy.  I don’t really need to go into why the sandwich is the best sandwich for that situation in the entire world.  According to Zippia, these are the 5 most popular drunk fast foods:

  1. McDonald’s – #1 in half the country
  2. Burger King – 14 states
  3. Wendy’s – 4 states
  4. Waffle House – Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina
  5. Jack In The Box – 3 states

For the full list click here!