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What a difference a year makes when it comes to spending habits.  Working from home a year ago really opened my eyes.  My wife’s office was at our desk in the living room and I was set up in the kitchen.  Well, that is until I had to do studio work.  I lined blankets all around the guest bedroom closet so the sound was compressed.  I used Christmas lights and Bonnaroo camping lights to see because the normal closet light would roast me after 10 minutes.  We both eventually found our routine working from home and did the best we could.  Until I realized that we were running out of coffee every two weeks.  Turns out, we weren’t the only ones.  Here are 5 things we’ve been buying more of since the pandemic started according to SWNS Digital:

Apple iPhone 12

  1. Coffee – I was drinking 5 cups a day when I was working from home.
  2. Streaming Subscriptions – Oddly our number of subscriptions has stayed the same.
  3. Shipping and Delivery – I needed a microphone expedited to my house and spent twice as much to have it shipped the next day.
  4. Tech Products – New iPhone.  Love it!  But yikes.
  5. Cell Phone Data – This has also stayed the same for me.

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