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Buying the prefect Mothers Day gift is a lot of pressure, and it can get expensive if your budget is tight this year. Yesterday I went to Aldi’s grocery store to stock up for the week and found a treasure trove of $5, $10 and $15 gifts. Decorative candles were $4 and those cost much more at other stores, even found some cute pink baking pans for under $5.  Some moms will tell you what they want, and others will be coy about it.  All moms really want acknowledgement of how much she means to you and appreciation for her efforts 365 days of the year. As children we gave mom a ton of homemade gifts that she still has in the basement or attic, so this year maybe you can surprise her with a good meal, fill up the car with gas or possibly doing chores for the entire weekend.

Here’s some homemade gifts that she might use and not store away: Make homemade bath bombs. Get to the  store and buy flowers or grab her grocery list and buy a weeks worth of meals. Record a message via video or audio that mom can treasure for a lifetime. How about writing her a letter once a month expressing your appreciation. How about a surprise party on Saturday, because she’ll never expect that! I’ll be honest, the best gift for mom is to listen to her wise advice and use it! I promise you she will notice and her heart will be filled with joy!

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