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When you think Charlotte chicken, your mind can’t be too far from thinking Bojangles. Yes, there is Price’s Chicken Coop, but that is one that really only locals know about. Bojangles however has become a huge chain that has expanded to more states, therefor getting more and more exposure.

Bojangles was started in Charlotte in 1977, and over those 44 years, they have expanded to 14 states. North Carolina is no doubt their home though, with over 300 location in the state alone.

Well Bojangles will soon be getting some new fried chicken competition soon in the Carolinas.

Slim Chickens, an Arkansas-based chicken chain just inked a deal that will expand them into the Carolinas, and Virginia.

The first Charlotte restaurant will open at 5535 Prosperity Ridge Road in Charlotte in November.

Bojangles is such a well established company in NC, I really don’t think they have anything to worry about. But for us. the consumers, it is exciting that we will soon have a new fried chicken place to try… Because seriously, who doesn’t love themselves some fried chicken?