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It’s always nice when you get something extra thrown in for free with your food delivery … except when it’s pushing a weight loss program. But that’s what one woman found inside her fast food order and she took to social media to share it.

TikTok user Soozieque posted a video revealing what was inside her McDonald’s delivery, besides the meal she ordered. She claims her DoorDash driver stuck a promotional card advertising a weight loss program in with her fries and burger. While the bag of food was taped shut with yellow stickers, the woman says there was still room for someone to slip something inside.

She also believes the driver may not have realized the implications of sticking a card that reads “lose weight, ask me how” in a bag of fast food. “Hopefully they don’t do it to every person,” she says. “I’m sure a lot of people won’t find the humor in it that I did.” So at least she’s not letting the diet promo get her down. For their part, DoorDash has called out the “inappropriate and unacceptable behavior” by the driver and says they’re working with the customer to identify the driver involved to take action, and they apologize for her experience.