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Every time you look up there’s something to celebrate! In May there is: National High Blood Pressure Education Month, National Lupus Awareness Month, National Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Month and National Mental Health Month. Since it’s Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America awareness month, let’s talk about it because we’ve got a load of allergy sufferers with all kinds of symptoms. Here’s a link from the CDC to learn more about allergies this month.

People who suffer from asthma and allergies often experience noticeable physical symptoms during this month, like me. In the United States approximately 25 million people have asthma of which almost 7 million are children. In 2010, almost 13 million people had asthma attacks. There is a higher incidence of asthma emergencies, hospitalizations and death in African Americans compared to Caucasians. and Puerto Ricans are also disproportionally affected. By educating yourself about your allergies, you can be more proactive and take action.

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