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A lot of people hate to do laundry, and will put off having to wash things as long as they can. Well, a new poll asked folks how often they wash various items, and you’ll be shocked by which ones get very few cleanings.

  • A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, asked folks which items they wash only once a year or less frequently
  • The item most likely to be washed about once a year is coats, with 38% of people admitting to that.
  • On the gross scale, 30% of people actually say they wash their bed sheets only once a year.
  • Other items folks rarely wash include:
    • Blankets (36%)
    • Cushion covers (33%)
    • Scarves (28%)
    • Gloves (25%)
    • Jeans (18%)
    • Suits (17%)
    • Sweaters (15%)
    • Pants (14%)
    • Hats (14%)
    • Hoodies (13%)

Source: BestLife