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A lot of people missed out on quality time with their mothers over the past year due to the pandemic, which has only made many appreciate their moms even more than they did before.

A new Groupon survey finds:

The average person missed out on 28 days of in-person, quality time with their mothers since March of 2020.
64% say that time apart has made them more grateful and appreciative of their mothers than ever.
80% of people say all that time apart from mom has made this year’s Mother’s Day more important than ever.
76% want their moms to have the best day ever.
84% are more eager than ever to visit their mom on Mother’s Day.
In fact, 60% of people say getting to spend time with their parents or grandparents is what motivated them to get vaccinated.

As for what they’re doing to celebrate

Spending time with family (32%)
Buying mom flowers (29%)
Buying mom a card (24%)
Taking mom to a nice restaurant (24%)
Cooking dinner for mom (23%)