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Some of your favorite Charlotte Restaurants may have be open again after the Coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean everything will be the same.

In case you didn’t know, restaurants and bars are having an extremely hard time hiring employees right now. You may have noticed lost of “we’re hiring” signs on doors, but the problem is actually pretty serious. So much so, that is it actually causing some Charlotte restaurants to have to adjust their menus because they just don’t have the help they need.

Charlotte-based FS Food Group announced that it will be adjusting the menus at its restaurants because of a hiring crisis the industry is facing. The FS Food Group owns Little Mama’s, Mama Ricotta’s, Midwood Smokehouse, Paco’s Tacos and Tequila, and Yafo Kitchen.

The group says they will be making the modified menus based off of the most popular menu items, and it should help their employees balance their time while they are understaffed. They also said they plan to go back to full menus once they have more staff.

It’s an interesting point I hadn’t thought about. Sure, even though state restrictions are being lifted, and we all want to go out to eat now, some restaurants are still leaving their seating capacities smaller just because they don’t have the help they need right now to operate at 100% capacity.

It’s crazy to think off all the long term effects this Pandemic has had, and will have. I just hope restaurants will be able to find eager workers soon because I would hate to see any more local businesses close.