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Happy bride and groom embracing in the park, wedding day

There’s kind of an unwritten rule that you don’t steal the bride and groom’s thunder by announcing big news of your own at their wedding. This usually includes pregnancy announcements and proposals, but one bride made an exception when her best friend’s boyfriend asked if he could pop the question at her reception.

She says she was “really happy to share the joy” on her special day and even helped him plan the proposal during her bouquet toss. The only problem? Someone else tried to step into the spotlight to get engaged just 20 minutes later.

The bride shared her frustration in Reddit’s “Am I the a-hole” section, writing that her cousin’s boyfriend went up to the DJ and asked for the mic. He called the bride’s cousin up and as soon as she realized what was about to happen, she rushed to stop it. “To be fully honest, I didn’t want to share the day with my cousin,” she explains. “She’s always been a bit of an attention hogger and I knew she would make the day all about her.”

So the bride tells the guy she’d appreciate it if he didn’t propose at her wedding and it didn’t go over well. He got upset, saying her friend had done it, so why can’t he and her cousin and aunt were really angry as well.

It’s turned into a family fight and now the bride is asking Reddit if she was wrong for refusing to let them get engaged. And most users agree that it was the cousin’s boyfriend who was out of line, not her.