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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from pexels

There’s one thing most people are sure of, and that’s their address. People living in the West Roxbury neighborhood in Boston aren’t sure any longer. Instead of “West Roxbury Parkway,” they now find themselves living on “Park Front Road” according to the new street signs, with no advance notice of the change.

That’s crazy, right? One day you have the same address, the next it’s changed. Residents of the neighborhood say the change is causing problems with deliveries to their homes and GPS doesn’t know where “Park Front Road” is. Resident Jay Moran told a Boston television station “When we call 911, do we tell them to come to West Roxbury Parkway or Park Front Road?”

It has to be a mistake, doesn’t it? Apparently not. The Boston Transportation Department issued a statement, saying in part that the people that live there “have been using an address with West Roxbury Parkway instead of Park Front Road.” They say they’re working with the people to address the issues, but the people that live there say they want the city to take the new signs down.

Source: 7 News Boston