HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 30: Caitlyn Jenner attends The Hollywood Reporter's Empowerment in Entertainment event 2019 at Milk Studios on April 30, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

Caitlyn Jenner is labeled a “traitor” in the Trans community after announcing her stance on Trans athletes competing in girls’ sports.

Jenner has been in the news recently after announcing she is running for California governor as a Republican. In a TMZ interview, she said she doesn’t think Trans women should be able to compete in women’s sports while in school. On why she feels this way, she said, “It just isn’t fair. And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools” (CBS News).

Jenner is a transgender woman and a former Olympic winner so many feel that she’s being hypocritical on the situation.

34 states are considering legislation that would ban trans athletes from competing based on their identity. Five of the bills have already been turned into law in Idaho, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and South Dakota. Florida might soon be following, with the restrictive bill passing through the House just last week.

The argument is that trans women have higher testosterone levels that will allow an unfair advantage. However, TMZ says, “There are studies examining this topic — and they suggest that while, yes, trans women have tended to perform better against their cisgender counterparts in certain activities — running events appear to be the big one — it’s not conclusive that their testosterone levels alone are the sole cause for that … and it’s not always the case either” (TMZ).

In addition, hormone therapy has come up a lot in this conversation. TMZ also says, “the studies suggest that once trans girls start getting hormone therapy … their performances tend to level out across different sports — and by and large, all things end up being roughly equal” (TMZ).

My Opinion

I don’t understand why absolutely no one making these decisions seems to care how this will impact the trans girls these bills target. By definition, these bills are discriminatory against trans women. Quite simply, disallowing them to play a women’s sport, as the gender they identify with, is transphobic discrimination.

In many of the states contemplating an athlete ban, healthcare for trans youth is also being denied or restricted. So my question is: if providing hormone therapy will ultimately solve the “unfairness” of allowing trans athletes to play in women’s sports, then why are these states also restricting their access to hormone therapy?

It seems that the only “solution” being proposed is blatantly taking away their choice to participate in women’s sports — as well as their access to safe healthcare. This is transphobia that is severely harmful to trans women and girls.

If you feel passionate about this issue like I do, take 5 minutes and sign these petitions against pending anti-trans legislation in Florida, Texas, Kansas, and Alabama.

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