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For the guy that loves movies

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! Luckily we have more options this year than we did last year when it comes to celebrating mom. However, many people are still opting to stay home, and if your mom is anything like mine, she probably told you all she wants for Mother’s Day is to, “spend time with you.”

What better way to spend time with your mom, than with some amazing movies?!

You could even zoom and watch movies if you can’t physically make it home to see your mom this weekend. So there are NO excuses!

Here are some movies to put on the list to watch this Mother’s Day.

The Blind Side


Bad Moms


Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday trailer

Freaky Friday movie trailer starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. Nice family movie.


Cheaper By The Dozen


Because I Said So


Thelma & Louise


Mamma Mia!


Mother’s Day


The Guilt Trip




The Kids Are Alright


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