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Nominated for: Documentary Short Subject 90-year-old Colette Marin-Catherine is one of the last surviving members of the French Resistance. As a young girl, she belonged to a family of Resistance fighters that included her 17-year-old brother Jean-Pierre. The last time Colette saw Jean-Pierre was in 1943, when he was arrested by the Gestapo and “disappeared” into the Nazi concentration camp system, never to be seen by his family again. For the past 74-years, Colette has never allowed herself to put one foot in Germany. But that’s all about to change when a young history student named Lucie enters her life. Lucie is researching the camp in Germany where Jean-Pierre died. Tracing the story of Jean-Pierre is her special assignment. The film follows Colette as she travels with Lucie to what remains of the forced labor camp near Nordhausen, Germany.

A 114-year-old Nebraska woman has become the oldest living person in America. Thelma Sutcliffe is also the seventh-oldest person in the world now, taking the title after Hester Ford passed away earlier this month at age 115, according to the Gerontology Research Group.

Thelma is a resident at a senior living center and she’s not a fan of the COVID restrictions they enforce to keep everyone safe and healthy. After a year of the pandemic, her longtime friend, Luella “Lou” Mason, says, “Thelma is as determined as ever to do what she wants to do.” So what does the oldest living person in the country want to do? She says what she wants most is to eat with her friend, Lou.

The senior living center still isn’t allowing visitors in the dining room, so Thelma has been taking all her meals in her room. And while her hearing and eyesight are fading, Lou says her mind is still “very sharp.” She also hasn’t lost her sense of humor in her golden years. Thelma got her COVID vaccination as soon as she could, but getting tested for the coronavirus? That’s a nonstarter. Lou says her pal took one look at the swab and said, “You’re not going to be sticking that thing up my nose. You can tell Lou to stick it up hers.”