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Front view of an angry couple looking each other sideways after argument in the kitchen during breakfast at home

The whole “words hurt” thing doesn’t just apply when you’re roasting someone. It also applies to compliments. And that’s because some of the “nice” things you’re saying to people are actually toxic AF. Here are some big ones to stop using ASAP.


  • “You’re So Short/Tiny!” People that are above or below average height have grown up hearing jokes about their stature their entire life. You might think you’re being nice saying it’s ‘so cute’ how tiny someone is but really all you’re doing is pointing out one of their insecurities.
  • “You Lost/Gained Some Weight, It Looks Good On You!” It’s pretty presumptuous of you to guess someone’s weight gain or loss was on purpose or something they’re proud of. Let’s not forget that weight can change because of things like health issues, medications, or stress. Unless you know someone has been working hard on their figure, it’s best to keep your words of encouragement to yourself.
  • “You Look Better Without Makeup!” The makeup wearers in your life know they don’t need it. They wear it because they want to and they don’t need your approval with how much or how little to put on.
  • “Your Boobs Are Huge!” It should go without saying that this “compliment” is absolutely off-limits for guys to pass on, but women should probably stop throwing that around with each other as well. Chief editor at Sexography Julia Beaudett says “even if a person is perfectly happy with their breasts, this ‘observation’ can sound sexually aggressive” or “bring extra attention to a part of their body they are insecure about.” It’s best to keep your boob admiration as an inside thought.

Source: PS I Love You