Reagan and Ricardo Razon are 17-year old twins from the Raleigh area who attend Enloe Magnet High School. The twins are set to graduate on June 12th of this year.

Like most teens, they applied to a handful of colleges. Unlike most teens, they received acceptance into not just a few schools but 15 of the most elite universities in the country. Reagan and Ricardo received acceptance from nearby Duke, UPenn, MIT, Yale, and Harvard just to name a few.

And there weren’t just accepted. Combined they have earned up to $1.53 million in merit-based scholarships.

“Who I am today has been shaped from the multiple people that I’ve interacted with, and learned from, and I’ve just worked alongside,” Reagan told Raleigh news station WRAL.

The teens will announce their college decisions on May 3rd and for the first time in their lives are planning on attending separate schools. Both are pursuing STEM careers while maintaining an interest in ethics and social justice.

Wherever the two of them end up their future looks extremely bright.

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