A new report by SkinStore has revealed the most popular skincare products in the US by state by analyzing search volumes and revenue across all 50 states in the U.S. to determine where the biggest investors in skincare live and which are the biggest trends across the nation.

So, which states are searching the most for anti-aging products? Residents of North Carolina are the MOST worried about aging! (I just might be one of those residents) #SorryNotSorry

Rank State Searches for anti-aging products
1 North Carolina 245,000
2 Missouri 134,700
3 Wisconsin 132,700
4 Texas 107,500
5 New York 106,900
6 Florida 89,900
7 Washington 78,000
8 Iowa 73,600
9 California 70,000
10 New Jersey 62,600

The sunshine state of Florida and states in the midwest such as Wisconsin and North Dakota are among the most invested in keeping their youth. These states favor anti-aging products to keep their skin plump and invigorated. The study revealed that North Carolina is the most worried about aging with 245,000 searches for anti-aging products, over 100,000 more searches than the second-most worrying state, Missouri. Other states that are the most worried about aging include Texas, New York, Washington, and California. Who doesn’t care? Well,  Alaskans are the LEAST worried about aging…that sounds about right.

Rank State Searches for anti-aging products include: 
1 Alaska 9,900
2 Vermont 13,800
3 South Dakota 15,100
4 Delaware 15,400
5 Montana 15,900
6 West Virginia 18,300
7 Maine 18,800
8 Idaho 19,800
9 Hawaii 21,000
10 Mississippi 21,600

Interestingly, there is a very big difference between those who are the most worried and the least worried with residents of North Carolina being 2374.75% more worried about aging than Alaskans. Other states that are less worried about aging are West Virginia, Hawaii, and Mississippi all receiving around 20,000 searches for anti-aging products.

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