RALEIGH, NC - NOVEMBER 29: A scenic view of aircraft flying overhead photographed on November 29, 2010 in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

What are you afraid of? 

Money.co.uk recently conducted a study that analyzed Google search volumes around how to cure common fears to reveal the biggest phobias in the world.

They determined that flying is the biggest fear around the world. Even though air travel was all but grounded during the past year people for looking for ways to combat their fear. 

The study also determined how likely you are to die from the world’s biggest phobias compared to everyday accidents the study also puts into perspective how rational these fears really are. 

Despite being the safest way to travel, Aerophobia, or the fear of flying. is officially the most common fear in 51 countries. Flying has just a 1 in 11 million chance of ending in a fatal accident.

What is America’s Worst Fear? 

The number one fear for American’s is the fear of needles. Not the best fear to have during the coronavirus vaccine rollout. Australia, Canada, and Panama also share this fear.

The top tip to combat the fear? Practice calming breathing techniques like breathing in slowly through your nose and out through your mouth regularly before your appointment to relax you.

How Likely Are You To Die From Your Fear?

For more insight into the world’s biggest fears, find the full study here, and the full data set here.