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Yesterday the show went out ot lunch and we had such a hard time splitting the check. At one point LauRen venmo’d Maney twice, then requested money BACK from him. When we had to pay him!

A new British poll, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • When it comes time to split the check at the end of the night, 34% think you should just split it down the middle, including the tip.
  • 36% think it should be split based on what you had and how much you spent.
  • 63% know that splitting the bill is part of the eating out experience.
  • Yet, 43% admit they feel awkward when it comes time to figure out how to pay.
  • The average person says it usually takes almost seven minutes to settle a bill.
  • 52% say they’ve been embarrassed by how people they dined with handled the bill.
  • 13% of people have actually had a falling out with someone over a restaurant bill.
  • 28% say friends are the most likely to argue over the bill, with 16% having issues with colleagues.

And, of course, splitting that check doesn’t always work out fairly.

  • 42% say they’ve agreed to pay more than they wanted just to get out of an awkward situation.
  • 42% have also paid more just to look good.
  • 20% have actually picked up the whole tab just to forgo the awkwardness.
  • And 19% have left a bigger tip to make up for an uncomfortable payment situation.

Source: SWNS Digital