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Weddings can be stressful, so comic relief is almost always welcome. A group of bridesmaids found a way to prank their bride by breaking dress code at her wedding. TikTok user Gabby Rojas posted a video of the gag she and five other members of the wedding party pulled and it’s gone viral with more than 7.9-million views.

The clip shows the six bridesmaids all dressed up in their matching purple floor-length dresses, holding bouquets of white flowers and putting their fingers to their lips to show they had a secret. The ladies then reveal their shoes and they’re all wearing lavender Crocs. As they walk over to the bride to show off their footwear, she looks mortified, which makes sense because the caption for the video reads, “When she (the bride) said no to Crocs.”

Clearly, the bridal party thought this was hilarious, but it left millions of viewers divided. “I WOULD BE SO MAD,” one comments. Another shares, “if it wasn’t a joke and they didn’t bring any other shoes, I would unfriend them so fast.” But others found it funny, like the user who writes, “I would have busted out laughing, asking for a pair.” In the comments, Rojas clarifies that it was just a prank and they did have proper, bride-approved shoes for the wedding. “For the ceremony and pictures we did wear our heels,” she writes. “We only showed up to the location wearing Crocs and for six photos.”