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Television has always been a significant part of both showcasing, as well as influencing, popular culture in the United States. And with an ever-growing number of streaming services and the countless options available for you to watch what you won’t, when you want, and where you want, the TV industry is, in many ways, bigger than ever. And some people certainly spend much more time in front of the tube than others—a fact that found us wondering how much TV people watch varies depending on where they live. Here are the ten states that watch the most TV:

10. Arkansas TV watched per day 3:24:52

  1. Georgia TV watched per day: 3:26:29
  1. Alabama TV watched per day: 3:26:29
  1. Mississippi TV watched per day: 3:29:20
  1. North Dakota TV watched per day: 3:34:29
  1. Nevada TV watched per day: 3:34:53
  1. Oklahoma TV watched per day: 3:36:34
  1. Louisiana TV watched per day: 3:41:20
  1. Delaware TV watched per day: 3:47:09
  1. West Virginia TV watched per day: 4:30:54

Link: Best Life