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Spring is the time of year people get motivated to declutter, organize and freshen things up at home, but spring cleaning doesn’t have to stop at closets and drawers. Dr. Carolyn Williams, a registered dietitian, uses the change of season to clean up her winter eating habits and she says the changes give her a fresh starting point for eating healthier. These are her favorite ways to spring clean her diet.

  • Purge and organize – It’s a good time to check the expiration dates on all those open jars, sauces and condiments in the fridge. Then do the same in the pantry and go ahead and wipe the shelves down while you organize and take inventory of what you have and what’s running low.
  • Give the pantry a makeover – Freshen it up with nutrient-dense staples that you can pull together to make a meal quickly, like canned beans, nuts, nut butters, canned tomatoes and whole grains like quinoa and oats.
  • Adjust carb choices – Lots of us crave carb-filled comfort foods during cold winter months, like pasta and potatoes. And now that it’s warm again, Williams suggests cooking with healthy carbs including beans, sweet potatoes and in-season fruits and veggies.
  • Add fresh herbs – Instantly upgrade a meal with fresh flavors from fresh herbs, which are a big upgrade from dried herbs.
  • Fire up the grill – Make the most of sun-filled evenings and fresh air by getting outside and grilling. You can cook everything from proteins and veggies to pizza on the grill, plus it gives you a break from the kitchen.
  • Start meatless Mondays – No one’s suggesting you give up burgers and steaks for good, but research suggests everyone benefits from eating more plant-based foods. So spring is a good time to incorporate more plant-based proteins into your diet and meatless Mondays are an easy way to help make it happen.

Source: Cooking Light